MaddyPilates Workout

$19.99 a month or $220 a year after 3-day free trial

MaddyPilates Workout is an online Pilates subscription program bringing Pilates conveniently to you on your schedule with a variety of levels, durations, exercises and props. New workouts are added every month with something for everyone. All the workouts are sorted into multiple different categories so you can find a class designed perfectly for you and your goals.

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  • Level 1
    19 videos

    Level 1

    19 videos

    Level 1 has a wide range of foundational Pilates classes for you to choose from with a slower pace and more focus on relaxation and breath. The perfect class if you are new to Pilates or want to focus on your form. These classes will give you the tools to progress to Level 2.

  • Level 2
    18 videos

    Level 2

    18 videos

    Expect a full-body, core-based workout that flows from one exercise to another. I give modifications and progressions so that you can follow at your own pace. Master these core level skills to progress to Level 3.

  • Level 3
    15 videos

    Level 3

    15 videos

    Level 3 is for the advanced practitioner. Perfect for Pilates Teachers, apprentices or anyone with a strong Pilates Mat and apparatus practice. Be ready to work hard and sweat! This level will include inversions and advanced transitions, remember not every exercise is for every body. If it does n...

  • Specialty Classes

    3 videos

    This section of classes will highlight different specialties and sports. Perfect for fine tuning your Pilates practice, complimenting and enhancing your other workouts. Don't see a class that fits your workout or sport? Let me know and I will film one!

  • Special Cases

    2 videos

    This group of videos is perfect for when you need to focus on fine tuning a specific area, have a limitation or injury you are working with, or want new or different modifications.

  • Daily Essentials

    16 videos

    Daily essentials are short videos of movements that you can incorporate into your everyday routine. Find the movements that work for your body and build your own daily routine! Practice makes perfect.

  • Express Workouts

    19 videos

    This section is for you to easily find workouts under 30 min. Great to use as a warm-up, cool down or when you are short on time.

  • Travel Series

    2 videos

    This series is specifically designed for travel. However, it will feel great on your body at any time. Minimum props so easy to do anywhere.