Express Workouts

Express Workouts

This section is for you to easily find workouts under 30 min. Great to use as a warm-up, cool down or when you are short on time.

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Express Workouts
  • Magic Circle - Fix your neck

    Short and sweet neck stretches combined with neck strength work on the Magic Circle. We can’t have the stretch without the strength and vice versa. Often times we forget how important the strength and length work is for our neck.

    Props needed: Magic Circle

  • Reformer on the Mat - Front Splits

    This reformer on the mat class follows the beginner/intermediate reformer order working up to your front splits at the end. I highly suggest using weights to make it feel similar to the resistance you find on the reformer.

    Props needed: slippery socks, weights (heavy on legs, lighter on arms), ...

  • Slow Flow

    This is a nice, short, slow flow that I would recommend doing at the end of your day. Could be a great way to wind down before bed.

  • Trust your body!

    This class is a great way to start a new year or a new beginning. Checking in with your body and trusting in your body to move in a way that empowers you and most importantly, feels good! What does that feel like for you?

  • Ladder Barrel Ballet Stretches

    This is a great way to do the classical ladder barrel ballet stretches with a chair. I am also using the wall behind me to help align my hips as you would with the ladder barrel rungs. This short series also has some strength to it so don’t be fooled!

  • 15 Minute Ab Series

    Short, spicy 15 min ab series to get your body moving and sweaty. Great for a warmup as well. There is no excuse not to get a workout in, everyone has 15 minutes!

  • Travel Mat

    This class is perfect to do while traveling or when you have returned home from travel. Minimum props needed so great for a hotel room/on the go. We will address the typically tight areas from travel including but not limited to the thoracic spine and hips. We start standing to get the energy flo...

  • Chair Stretches

    Stuck in a chair during work, commute or travel? Here are some ideas to get you moving! Try to incorporate a few of these into your routine every time you find yourself seated.

  • Express Plank Series

    As requested, here is a sweaty express Advanced workout. No inversions so we keep it safe because it is short. This class works up to a plank series with some fun surprises along the way like elbow slip, rolling like a ball into teaser and side sit ups to get you fully warm.

    No props needed.

  • Stay Ahead of the Pain - Thoracic Mobility

    This express class is focused on thoracic mobility. Getting your mid-back to be mobile and warmed up can be helpful not only for other workouts/sports but also to keep your body out of pain. When our mid back is not mobile (sedentary lifestyle I’m looking at you) our low back will take the brunt ...

  • Side Body Strength

    This express workout is all about hitting the side body, which is an area we tend to neglect. No props are needed, and we will flow through side legs, mermaid, side bend and a little can/can to finish up. Great to do as a warmup for a sport or activity or an add on to another Pilates class.

  • Standing Arm Weight Series

    A short, full body workout focusing on standing and balance work. We used 2 LB hand weights but feel free to use lighter or heavier and if you want to take it up a notch, add ankle weights.

  • Foam Roller Release

    Find greater range of motion and flexibility with this foam roller release class. This class is perfect to do before or after a workout or as a stand alone workout on a recovery day. You may also find some favorites within this class that you add piece meal to your routine.

    Why is this myofasci...

  • Meditation - Tension Release

    If you are scrolling by and thinking to yourself that you don't have time for meditation or that you don't need it, then that means you need it even more! Meditation has been shown to have many great health benefits, including relief from stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue to name ...

  • All about the Abs

    If you are looking for a short, energy filled ab workout, here it is! We use ankle and hand/wrist weights to get even more out of the class but of course those are optional. This is a great class to do if you are short on time or if you want to add it to another Pilates class or workout you are a...

  • Intermediate - Second Half of the Order

    This challenging class with weights can be done as a stand alone class if you are short on time or in conjunction with another class. For example, it could pair well with All About the Abs or Foam Roller Fun. It would be a great warm up to do before another workout, sport or activity or just as a...

  • End of the Day Restore

    This class is perfect to do at the end of the day or when you are needing to move and release tension. The focus is on feel good movements that get you out of your habitual postures and lengthen your body. Take a deep breath and dive in.

    Props needed: pillow. Option to use foam roller or spine ...

  • Stretch Mat

    Lengthen and release those muscles in this delicious stretch mat class. Don't be fooled by the title, we will still work the strength but the focus is more on the stretch. You can do this as a stand alone workout or in conjunction with any other workout to really deepen the benefits. I kept it sh...

  • Standing Balance Series

    This is a great series to work on and challenge your balance. We start with the feet as many challenges with balance stem from stability and mobility issues in the feet and ankles. We then move to single leg work using the wall and a yoga block to work the balance many different ways. This class ...