Level 3

Level 3

Level 3 is for the advanced practitioner. Perfect for Pilates Teachers, apprentices or anyone with a strong Pilates Mat and apparatus practice. Be ready to work hard and sweat! This level will include inversions and advanced transitions, remember not every exercise is for every body. If it does not feel good, leave it out and move on to the next. Advanced moves fast with less modifications than level 1 and 2.

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Level 3
  • Magic Circle - Inner Thigh + Articulation

    Get ready to sweat and get your heart rate up in this fast paced, advanced Magic Circle workout.

  • Express Plank Series

    As requested, here is a sweaty express Advanced workout. No inversions so we keep it safe because it is short. This class works up to a plank series with some fun surprises along the way like elbow slip, rolling like a ball into teaser and side sit ups to get you fully warm.

    No props needed.

  • Stretch Mat

    Lengthen and release those muscles in this delicious stretch mat class. Don't be fooled by the title, we will still work the strength but the focus is more on the stretch. You can do this as a stand alone workout or in conjunction with any other workout to really deepen the benefits. I kept it sh...

  • High Scissors and Bicycle

    This class is all about challenging your inversions and your strength. You will dig deep in this class and come out feeling rewarded and completely cooked. The inversions we start with are roll-over and corkscrew and then work our way up to high bicycle, scissors, jackknife, and boomerang. High b...

  • Teaser Twist

    In this advanced class we work our way up to the challenging Teaser Twist. If you aren't familiar, Teaser Twist is an advanced exercise that we do on the Wunda Chair pushing the pedal down as we rotate into a twisted swan and finishing in a teaser at the top. The Mat is a great place to build the...

  • Snake + Twist

    The focus of this class is on side body work and working our way to Snake + Twist towards the end of class. If you are not familiar with Snake + Twist, it is an advanced exercise on the reformer that can be the nemesis of many. Building a strong foundation here on the Mat will really help when it...

  • Reformer on the Mat

    We take the reformer sequence to the Mat in this fun, full body class. It follows the classical reformer order and we use hand and ankle weights to give us the feeling of resistance like we would have from the springs and carriage.

    Props needed: wrist or hand weights, ankle weights and hand tow...

  • Focus on breath and flow

    In this full length advanced class, the focus will be on breath and flowing seamlessly through the transitions and exercises. This class will move fast as I describe in the beginning, so if you find yourself holding your breath or straining through the work, either modify or skip it. If you have ...

  • Work the Weights

    In this full length, full strength advanced class we will utilize both the hand and ankle weights. Using the weights on both your ankles and hands will make this class feel like you are working on the Pilates equipment. In fact, we will even do the Cadillac leg series instead of the series of 5 s...

  • Magic Circle Challenge

    Challenge your mind and body coordination in this full body Magic Circle class. We will start and end standing with some of your favorite advanced exercises in between like roll-over, side legs, long stretch but all with the Magic Circle.

    Props needed: Magic Circle however you can modify some o...

  • Classical Advanced Order

    We will flow and transition from one exercise to another with control and fluidity in this classical advanced order. Remember, every exercise is not for every body so if you come to an exercise that doesn't work for you, leave it out.

  • Standing Arm Weight Series

    A short, full body workout focusing on standing and balance work. We used 2 LB hand weights but feel free to use lighter or heavier and if you want to take it up a notch, add ankle weights.

  • Advanced - Second half of the order

    This Classical Advanced Class will get you warmed up and moving quickly through the first half of the order with more focus and time spent on the second half. When was the last time you worked on Side bend, Jackknife, Boomerang and Control Balance? Challenge your body and mind to try out these ad...

  • Side Body Work

    Get your obliques fired up and burning with this advanced class focused on the side body! Get ready to master those side body exercises you know and love like Criss-Cross, Side sit ups, Mermaid, Side legs and Kneeling side kicks. Some of them we may even repeat for an added challenge :)

  • What is Mobilizing vs. What is Stabilizing

    Challenge your body and mind with this advanced class focused on what parts of the body are stabilizing and what parts are mobilizing. Hint- we do this in every Pilates exercise! We will also explore the archival Clara Pilates (Joe Pilates's wife) stretches and well as rowing (hand weights option...