Level 1

Level 1

Level 1 has a wide range of foundational Pilates classes for you to choose from with a slower pace and more focus on relaxation and breath. The perfect class if you are new to Pilates or want to focus on your form. These classes will give you the tools to progress to Level 2.

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Level 1
  • Magic Circle - Fix your neck

    Short and sweet neck stretches combined with neck strength work on the Magic Circle. We can’t have the stretch without the strength and vice versa. Often times we forget how important the strength and length work is for our neck.

    Props needed: Magic Circle

  • Slow Flow

    This is a nice, short, slow flow that I would recommend doing at the end of your day. Could be a great way to wind down before bed.

  • Ladder Barrel Ballet Stretches

    This is a great way to do the classical ladder barrel ballet stretches with a chair. I am also using the wall behind me to help align my hips as you would with the ladder barrel rungs. This short series also has some strength to it so don’t be fooled!

  • Travel Mat

    This class is perfect to do while traveling or when you have returned home from travel. Minimum props needed so great for a hotel room/on the go. We will address the typically tight areas from travel including but not limited to the thoracic spine and hips. We start standing to get the energy flo...

  • Chair Stretches

    Stuck in a chair during work, commute or travel? Here are some ideas to get you moving! Try to incorporate a few of these into your routine every time you find yourself seated.

  • Stay Ahead of the Pain - Thoracic Mobility

    This express class is focused on thoracic mobility. Getting your mid-back to be mobile and warmed up can be helpful not only for other workouts/sports but also to keep your body out of pain. When our mid back is not mobile (sedentary lifestyle I’m looking at you) our low back will take the brunt ...

  • End of the Day Restore

    This class is perfect to do at the end of the day or when you are needing to move and release tension. The focus is on feel good movements that get you out of your habitual postures and lengthen your body. Take a deep breath and dive in.

    Props needed: pillow. Option to use foam roller or spine ...

  • Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

    The theme of this class as you may have guessed is rotation and we will utilize a hand towel to assist us in class. We will take the whole body through rotation, starting standing with the spine. Then we will move to the mat and work on rotation of the pelvis and later bring it all together. It i...

  • Foam Roller Release Part 2

    Back by popular demand, we have our foam roller release work part 2. New and different ideas for foam rolling from the first video. This class is perfect to do before or after a workout or as a stand alone workout on a recovery day. You may also find some favorites within this class that you add ...

  • It Starts with the Feet

    We start with the feet of course in this class! We work on the footwork series from reformer which is a great series to work on multiple times a week. A good, solid foundation starts with the feet. We then come to stand to warm up the rest of the body then make our way to the mat. We flow through...

  • Full Body Flow

    In this full body flow, we start standing then move to the mat to work our body through it ranges of motion. We then move to the chair for some ideas of movement you can do while stuck in a chair. We also incorporate footwork standing and seated with the chair. We finish on the mat with a upper b...

  • Mat + Chair Work

    In this full body class, we will do a nice long warm up standing and on the mat. Then we will work through our classical beginner Mat work and finish with the chair. I will give you some great ideas for chair stretches to do while at your desk as well as some standing hip extension work.

    Props ...

  • Foam Roller Release

    Find greater range of motion and flexibility with this foam roller release class. This class is perfect to do before or after a workout or as a stand alone workout on a recovery day. You may also find some favorites within this class that you add piece meal to your routine.

    Why is this myofasci...

  • Side Body Love

    All of your favorite full body exercises from Restorative Pilates with a focus on postural analysis and side body work. Ending with our well loved meditation/legs up the wall. Guaranteed to make you feel lighter and more at ease in your movement and day.

    Props needed: Pillow for head

  • Spine Focus

    Make your whole spine feel better with this restorative flow. We start from the bottom and work our way up making sure your spine gets to safely flow through all it's directions of movement. Ideally, have a wall available for your feet.

  • Feel Good Favorites

    A full body workout that gives you all the feel good restorative favorites with a towel ab series that takes the pressure off your neck as well as a focus on standing strength work.

  • Thoracic/Rib Cage Mobility

    This class focuses on thoracic/rib cage mobility and we work on finding more range of motion through this very tight area of our spine. We will explore these ranges of movement in all positions: standing, supine, prone, kneeling and seated.

  • Basic Concepts of the Work

    Explore the Classical beginner movements and concepts that reappear many times throughout the Pilates work. I will break down each of these exercises to give you the tools so you can accomplish them, from the 100 all the way to side leg series on the Mat. Perfect for someone new to Pilates as wel...

  • Hip Opening

    All of your favorite and well loved restorative exercises with special attention to hip opening and hip flexor releasing. We will use a towel to help assist the hips.