Level 2

Level 2

Expect a full-body, core-based workout that flows from one exercise to another. I give modifications and progressions so that you can follow at your own pace. Master these core level skills to progress to Level 3.

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Level 2
  • Reformer on the Mat - Front Splits

    This reformer on the mat class follows the beginner/intermediate reformer order working up to your front splits at the end. I highly suggest using weights to make it feel similar to the resistance you find on the reformer.

    Props needed: slippery socks, weights (heavy on legs, lighter on arms), ...

  • Trust your body!

    This class is a great way to start a new year or a new beginning. Checking in with your body and trusting in your body to move in a way that empowers you and most importantly, feels good! What does that feel like for you?

  • Small Ball Workout

    This class has something for everyone. We use the ball in creative ways to work deeper as well as use it to support us. This is a true strength and stability workout with mobility mixed in.

  • 15 Minute Ab Series

    Short, spicy 15 min ab series to get your body moving and sweaty. Great for a warmup as well. There is no excuse not to get a workout in, everyone has 15 minutes!

  • Side Body Strength

    This express workout is all about hitting the side body, which is an area we tend to neglect. No props are needed, and we will flow through side legs, mermaid, side bend and a little can/can to finish up. Great to do as a warmup for a sport or activity or an add on to another Pilates class.

  • Standing Balance Series

    This is a great series to work on and challenge your balance. We start with the feet as many challenges with balance stem from stability and mobility issues in the feet and ankles. We then move to single leg work using the wall and a yoga block to work the balance many different ways. This class ...

  • Full Body Tune Up

    In this intermediate class, we start standing to get the blood flowing. As we come to the Mat, we move our bodies through its full ranges of motion utilizing the hand towel to get more work in the core. We will challenge our bodies with some core level skills such as single leg kick in a forearm ...

  • Intermediate - Second Half of the Order

    This challenging class with weights can be done as a stand alone class if you are short on time or in conjunction with another class. For example, it could pair well with All About the Abs or Foam Roller Fun. It would be a great warm up to do before another workout, sport or activity or just as a...

  • All about the Abs

    If you are looking for a short, energy filled ab workout, here it is! We use ankle and hand/wrist weights to get even more out of the class but of course those are optional. This is a great class to do if you are short on time or if you want to add it to another Pilates class or workout you are a...

  • High Level 2 Class

    This is a great class to really challenge your Level 2 core level skills. We start standing to warm up with footwork and then move to the mat. We challenge our bodies through single leg bridge, side sit ups, front split prep standing, can/can, teaser and of course some side bends. We finish stand...

  • Work the Wall

    This is one of my favorite workouts to do! The wall gives such nice support to aid in correct posture and alignment, not to mention challenging us to stand the entire class. So if you are someone that sits a lot (who doesn't?) this class is perfect. Try to incorporate these moves into your everyd...

  • Just breath! Bridging from Level 1 to Level 2

    This class is a great place to start if you are new to Level 2 or want to focus on the form and breath. We bring it back to the basics of the breath and focus on moving with our breath during every movement. As our skill level progresses, it can be very easy to forget about the breath but we must...

  • Classical Intermediate Work

    We start by warming our body up through all it's ranges of motion before we launch into the classical intermediate order and finish standing with our split series. No props are needed, just your own strong body. I give modifications for some of the more advanced exercises for example, kneeling si...

  • Foam Roller Fun

    Creative and fun way to flow through your Pilates workout with the foam roller. Ideally have at least a 36 inch foam roller for this class.

  • Magic Circle Burn

    A full body flow of all your favorite classical Pilates exercises including Side legs, Teaser, and Leg Pull down. We use the Magic Circle to take up the intensity and challenge your body and mind in new ways.

  • Thera - Band Work

    Miss the Pilates equipment? Challenge and go deeper with your favorite classical Pilates exercises in this full body Thera-band class. From 100 and single leg circles to rowing and side legs, each of these series will explore how you can get more out of it with the aid of the Thera-band. We will ...

  • Towel Workout

    This high energy and challenging class with a hand towel will be sure to get your heart rate up and your blood pumping. I will show you how to use the towel to support you in exercises like Series of 5 and Single leg circle and how to go deeper in exercises like shoulder bridge and knee stretches.

  • Building Blocks to Advanced

    Challenge your body and your mind with this full length, full body workout that builds the skills you need for the advanced work. We start and end standing as did Joe Pilates in every session he taught!